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The Rescue

"The Powerful Enemy"!
MAW Holmes ‏@MAW_H As opposed to the weedly-deedly enemy
50dw50 ‏@50dw50 part 2 The Wussy Friend

M@nterik ‏@Manterik Or the medical procedure - the powerful enema!

It's only a model.
M@nterik ‏@Manterik a good one though
MAW Holmes ‏@MAW_H Trial of a Time Lord of its day
Michael Bater ‏@GreenLeftie Yes always thought The Rescue needed Pip & Jane

M@nterik ‏@Manterik As well as Vervoids and the Rani.

Here's Vicki, answering the phone from the incoming rescue ship.

If the ship is still 3 days away, then what did she hear land just now...?

She's going to be the new companion, you know.
50dw50 ‏@50dw50 in an alternate universe Dr Who travels with beardy Bennett

He'd've been the Turlough of his day, sneaking off to put his Koquillion mask and bump people off behind the Doctor's back!
50dw50 ‏@50dw50 it would have made for quicker adventures! i like Vicki, she is much more upbeat than Susan. let down by her habit of giving everything pet names. "This is Stinky Bite, my pet zombie" laughed Vicki as Barbara quietly picked up her gun.

Lazy old Bennett's having a lie down while they wait for the rescue ship.
MAW Holmes ‏@MAW_H That Bennett's a barrel of laughs, isn't he...?

Watch out for Koquillion!

Koquillion is as big as four cats and has got a retractable leg so's he can leap up at you better. He lights up at night & has 4 ears, 2 of them are for listening & the other 2 are kind of back-up ears. He's got magnets on his tail & instead of a mouth, he's got 4 arses! His claws are as big as cups and for some reason, he's got a tremendous fear of stamps!

The TARDIS has landed & Ian and Barbara are worried the Doctor's lost his script, I mean, the plot.

There's a definite change in him since Susan "left". 

John Mark Frankland ‏@JMFrankland It's a lovely TARDIS scene, the trembling fun, missing Susan. Hartnell does it beautifully.
50dw50 ‏@50dw50 Hartnell suddenly becomes loveable.
John Mark Frankland ‏@JMFrankland oh he's been loveable since the very start, if a bit naughty...
M@nterik ‏@Manterik Billy is a legend. I loved seeing him on the big screen in the Dr Who prom

You can tell this is the start of a new production run, Hartnell's got a new tie and his wig is screwed down tighter. 

Touching little moment as the Doctor calls out for Susan to open the door. 

Barbara notices a funny smell. Ian comments that the Doctor might be getting a bit senile. Not sure exactly what he' simplying the link is there...

...but the Doctor doesn't like it and asks him to pick up a stone for him. And we all know what happens when the 1st Doctor starts picking up stones.

They move off to investigate the funny smell.

Argh! Spiky bug looking dude! Guessing that's Koquillion. 
M@nterik ‏@Manterik  koquillon still looks a good costume to this day.
50dw50 ‏@50dw50 its a really good costume tbh, i bet it scared the kids.

Ian and Barbara see the wrecked spacecraft in the distance. "Knowing the Doctor he'd want to go down there and investigate." That always ends up well.
M@nterik ‏@Manterik Be a dull story if all he did was arrive, look around, and decide not to investigate!

Here's Koquillion! Barbara tells him to shove it... Koquillion shoves Ian through a secret entrance in the cliff and tosses Barbara off a cliff. Tosser.

"This is the planet Dido, I've been here before, they're very friendly people." But if they offer to sing for you, it's best to politely decline. 

Now Koquillion's trying to blow Ian up with his sonic spanner.

When the Doctor steps outside he finds Barbara and Ian gone, and night has fallen, so he goes back for a torch.

As Barbara lies unconscious, Vicki recreates the cliffhanger from An Unearthly Child by casting a shadow over her...

The Doctor uses his torch to find the disorientated Ian.

The Doctor is sceptical that this was done by the friendly natives. Ian says he'll take the Daleks over Koquillion anyday. Really? He's a bit of a pain in the arse, but... really?

Vicki hurriedly hides something under a blanket...

Koquillion menaces Vicki, and wants to talk to Bennett.

Koquillion claims to be their only protector against the savage locals.

50dw50 ‏@50dw50 makes him sound like the spiky mafia

"It'd be a real shame if something were to happen to Sandy, now wouldn't it, kid?"

MAW Holmes ‏@MAW_H Waking up with Sandy's head under your space blankey. Actually, the Vicki/Koquillion dynamic is the very essence of an abusive relationship...

He *definitely* needs to have a word with himself.

Without evidence to the contrary, we can assume Bennett's first name is Gordon.
M@nterik ‏@Manterik not Tony or 'Mister' from Take Hart ?

You're thinking of the brains of Morph-otron, I think...

It's Barbara under the blanket! 

Vicki throws a wobbler.

"Bennett can't walk!" Much. Except when he's dressing up as one of the locals and talking to himself.

Bennett manages to stand, and tell Vicki that after going in his room, Koquillion left. Without passing her? 

Bennett is visibly under-chuffed to see Vicki has rescued Barbara.

The Doctor and Ian edge along a rocky ledge.

They'll probably want to avoid falling down where that wierd looking creature is growling.
M@nterik ‏@Manterik It looks like a shrivenzale. Dido, twinned with Ribos.

Chesserman does his best Temple of Doom and sets off a trap.

He'll be knifed and then dropped off the ledge onto that waiting monster-y thing. 

MAW Holmes ‏@MAW_H Thank God he never took Dodo to Dido. 

The Doctor rescues Ian. Was that it? Was that the Rescue? Can we all go home now?
Mark Walker ‏@Mark_Walker never really in peril...

Bennett seems annoyed at the suggestion that Koquillion could have failed to kill the Doctor & Ian. Fancy that.

The Doctor & Ian find a door.

Vicki frolics with her pet... the proto-Shrivenzale that menaced Ian earlier.
MAW Holmes ‏@MAW_H Uh-Oh! Sandy's having a bit of a lurk... that won't end well...

Barbara takes one look at Vicki's pet and shoots it down dead. You DO NOT mess with Barbara Wright.
Trust Your Doctor ‏@TYDPodcast She's certainly killed more than most First Doctor companions! (Second only to Ben!)
M@nterik ‏@Manterik The butcher of Coal Hill.
MAW Holmes ‏@MAW_H The Babsy Assassin
50dw50 ‏@50dw50 the poor thing really sounds like it is suffering!

Vicki is gutted at Sandy's demise but Barbara's too busy being cockahoop that Ian & the Doctor are back
50dw50 ‏@50dw50 alive with blood lust after smashing the unarmed brains in glass jars and running over daleks she celebrates her fresh kill! "die Sandy die" laughed Barbara as she pumped it full of space lead!

MAW Holmes ‏@MAW_H You killed my pet... that's not the sort of thing you just forget about... Oh...

Koquillion tracks Ian and the Doctor and realizes they must have made it to the ship.

The Doctor cheers Vicki up by telling her she looks a state, while half his wig is out of place. The old hypocrite.

"If old Cocky Lickin' comes round I've always got this!" Sorry, can't follow that. It's its own punchline.

He does persuade her to forgive Barbara, though.

Colonel Sandy thinks it's cocky lickin' good. Or would, if he'd not just been massacred by the Coal Hill butcher...
John Mark Frankland ‏@JMFrankland Sandy had to die. Otherwise they would have had to keep him on as a companion...

"You go and fetch Mr. Bennett & I promise you I'll listen to everything he says. Definitely won't put my fingers in my ears or anything, cross however many hearts I'm supposed to have at this point in the show's history."

Hartnell knocks on the door...

...but only gets Bennett's answer phone.
Mark Walker ‏@Mark_Walker it seems they go retro 500 years in the future and reel-to-reel tape is back in vogue!
50dw50 ‏@50dw50 i knew digital was just a passing fad!

"We understand how you feel, Vicki." Chesterfield, you ruddy liar, has Barbara killed your pet too?

Actually, knowing Barbara...
MAW Holmes ‏@MAW_H She's killed everything... if she'd hung around in Mexico any longer it would have been a bloodbath... Oh, wait a sec...

Ian & Barbara look good on their 500 years.
MAW Holmes ‏@MAW_H I hear that they never age...

Realising the Doctor has been a long time, they go into see what the delay is - but the Doctor (and Bennett) are gone!

The Doctor's found Bennett's secret hatch and is now running around Dido city listening to the soundtrack from "The Daleks".

Gordon Bennett, Bennett is Koquillion! Who saw that coming! He did, you know. 

MAW Holmes ‏@MAW_H So many suspects to choose from... Still, Bennett walks! 'Tis a miracle...!

Bennett murdered 1 crewmember and then figured in for a penny in for a pound. 

MAW Holmes ‏@MAW_H  Crossing the rubicon...

He kept Vicki around as a witness; she'd back up his story to the rescue ship.

Shakespeare said it best in Macbeth: "...I am in blood / Stepped in so far that, should I wade no more, / Returning were as tedious as go o'er. / I've killed 'em all stone dead, so here I go, / Might as well wipe out all life on Dido."
50dw50 ‏@50dw50 Bennett is lucky, in season 1 grumpy Dr Who would have smashed his head in with a rock so he could get back to the Tardis.

The Doctor has a lie down; the survivor's of Dido's music arrive & see to it that Bennett won't be causing any more trouble...
Mark Walker ‏@Mark_Walker I can't believe that there were survivors of Dido's music!

Those of us that lived through those dark days bear the scars on our ears...

Bennett backs away from them, through the secret passage, and (offscreen) plummets to his death.

When the Doctor regains consciousness, he's back aboard the TARDIS. The survivors had left him outside, unharmed.

Hilarious that Barbara suggests bringing Vicki & Ian just hadn't considered it.
MAW Holmes ‏@MAW_H Ian does seem to have been on the "Stupid Pills" this week...

50dw50 ‏@50dw50 the writer filling the Susan void?

Mark Walker ‏@Mark_Walker
 a last minute 

Always extra satisfying to score a Kenneth in injury time! :-D

He was happy enough to leave her to fend for herself on that planet all alone! To be fair there is supposed to be a rescue ship.
MAW Holmes ‏@MAW_H Billy's doing his "lovely and charming" and it's lovely and charming... :-)

The Rescue ship finally arrives, but the survivors of Dido's music sensibly knacker the radio.

They take off with Vicki in tow.

It's a lovely takeoff...

...but the landing is even dodgier than usual.

Now THAT, Dragonfire, is how you do a literal cliffhanger.

50dw50 ‏@50dw50 i love The Rescue, a niffty little story, well directed and quite tingly at the end

M@nterik ‏@Manterik Had to bail out as wife came back from shops, said 'what's this rubbish' and out 'Saturday Kitchen' on
Mark Walker ‏@Mark_Walker DIVORCE!!

I'll have a word with Barbara...

See where the Doctor and co. have really landed in The Romans!
Coming Soon... The Macra Terror

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  1. Koquillion is perceived as a man in a mask, by all the characters, surely? I never thought he was anything but a guy in a mask. Are we actually expected to think of him as a non-human alien creature?