Saturday, 18 April 2015

Playthings of Kipling 2!

3.75" Dalek Collector Set #2: Dalek Invasion of Earth

As you may know from last time round I've been looking forward to this set in particular and up close it certainly doesn't disappoint. 
This set comprises two of the familiar 2005 model Daleks but with a classic twist. 
Probably the most pleasing of the two is the version I - and I know quite a few others - would love to see on screen in the TV show: the "RTD style" Dalek in the classic 60s silver and blue livery. As with the other 3.75" scale Daleks it's beautifully detailed and great fun. 
The other in the set is equally welcome though, a black Dalek Supreme ostensibly in the style of the commander from the serial that gives the set its name, but whose silver "bumps" make it appear more like the one-off version from 1988's Remembrance of the Daleks - which is no bad thing at all, in fact making it a far more enjoyable variant. 
The packaging is great fun, with some neat moulded holding that works as a rocky landscape to match the colourful comic-style art inside. 
The back too presents some great fun with a comic cover style work from artist Mike Collins that will be familiar to buyers of the comic-style calendar for 2015, and a pleasing little write up.
I definitely plan to track down the other collectors sets, #1 with its black-domed 60s silver and blue design for "The Evil of the Daleks" and the sadly rarer #3 for the 8th Doctor comic strip "Children of the Revolution" which features a yellow Dalek of the classic design and the red Omega character. 
I also hope this is a range that keeps on going with more of these fantastic Dalek variants; they're all very well worth tracking down. A Gold Day of the Daleks style variant and a Power of the Daleks variant with mutant-laden scoop have also been released as single figures. 

3.75" The Foretold (Mummy Creature)

A single figure this time, from the latest wave (4), and possibly one of CO's finest ever. 
Intricately detailed, perfect in its' likeness and wonderfully poseable, this is everything you could want from a figure. 
The Foretold Mummy was one of the highlights of 2014's Season 8, so I can see this being a popular one - don't delay, get yours today! 

Coming Soon... The Ambassadors of Death

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