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The War Machines

Season 3, Story 10/10, Serial BB: 4 x 25min episodes, 25th June to 16th July 1966

Writer: Ian Stuart Black, Director: Michael Ferguson, Script Editor: Gerry Davis, Producer: Innes Lloyd 

I'd forgot this one had novelty title cards.
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly The War Mach Ines? Weird.

1! 1 War Machine! Ah-ha-ha-ha! 

Steve Powner@StevePowner@TygerWhoCame2T Wish I could join in but working this is one of my favourites.

 I love this story - so glad it was preserved! Embodies the feelings of modernity that were rife in the sixties.

Weird overhead shot and sound FX suggesting that the TARDIS lands like a plane.
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly I love the Innes Lloyd era for stuff like this. Screw continuity. His name's Doctor Who, TARDIS lands like a plane, etc..

I'd thought this started in Troughton's time, but here it is...!
James Cooray Smith@thejimsmith The Smugglers says this is Fitzroy Square. It's not. It's Bedford Square.

Dodo calls London "Home" and says "It seems ages since I left."

The Doctor tells her that when you've seen the ages he has you don't use that term quite so freely.

The poor old Dodo, soon to be extinct...
Bek Hobbes ‏@Greebobek  With syphilis if you believe the Missing Adventures...

Anything that gets retconned is due to the Time War. Good for clearing up STDs, bad for destroying half the universe. Swings and roundabouts.

Love this little bit with the Doctor using the "Out of Order" sign... deflect the unwanted attentions of a nosey bobby.

"Oh, well, you see, the problem is, coming back to the twentieth century, my dear, the TARDIS, I'm afraid, is often mistaken for the real police box."

Dodo notes that the Post Office Tower has been finished while she's been away, and thinks that the recently departed Stephen would have liked it in London.

The Doctor senses something alien about the tower, and likens it to a pricking sensation he feels whenever the Daleks are near... 
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly Which of course they are. They're setting a trap for 2nd Doc and Jamie. Imagine if they spotted Hartnell. "ERM...? ERM...!"

The Doctor seems to be well known (and respected). Is there an off-screen adventure or did the Doctor get pally with London scientists before An Unearthly Child?
Love Peter Capaldi ‏@atruedrwhofan in the Target novel he forges a letter to get in from Ian but no explanation on TV. He waltzes in and they know him.

That would have made more sense wouldn't it! I guess it was either cut or they avoided the continuity if they even thought of it at all originally.

James Cooray Smith@thejimsmith  Pretty sure it was Target editor Nigel Robinson's suggestion to Ian Stuart Black. Pure retcon. No basis in the TV serial's production.

This is rather at odds with the guy hiding out in a junkyard in An Unearthly Child.

Simon Threadgold@dimwittedlyThe pace and the contemporary setting make it feel like it was made a decade after An Unearthly Child.

The White Heat 60s pop culture acceleration has properly exploded in the time he's been away - The Beatles have moved through With the Beatles, A Hard Day's Night and Help! to Rubber Soul, with Revolver out just a month after this story finishes; James Bond has gone From Russia With Love to Goldfinger & Thunderball.
Ruther@Ruther2 London. Summer of 66. It's not exactly gripped by World Cup fever is it? Shouldn't they be using WOTAN for goal line tech?

Shh, no! That ball was definitely over the line - don't start all that again!

Ruther@Ruther2 "Kenneth Wolstenholme is required"

Chris@KosmicKris  this is brilliant - no messing about with exposition or layering of the plot. Straight into the meat of the tale!

Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly It's cheesey but fresh and energetic. Amazing how well Hartnell fits in here. It's like a preview of 2nd and 3rd Doc eras.

The Doctor soon reaches the top of the tower, as easy as pie, where Major Green introduces him to Professor Brett.

"I understand from Major Green you're a specialist in computer development." 
"Well, hardly a specialist, sir, but I dabble, yes, I dabble."

Professor Brett shows off his life's work, supercomputer, WOTAN - Will Operating Thought ANalogue. Not the best acronym, let's be honest.

It's WOTAN that set the Doctor's Dalek-sense tingling. He introduces Dod as his "secretary."

Brett's about to link WOTAN up with computers all over the world as a central intelligence; a sort of world wide web, or inter-computer-web, if you will. 

Brett promises to explain in more detail at his big press launch. Dodo's not invited. 

Dodo, meet Polly, your replacement! Now get lost.
Chris@KosmicKris I wish I could have seen this fresh: without knowing Polly was due to come on board as a companion!

You have to feel so sorry for Jackie Lane. I'm no big fan of Dodo but she was treated disgracefully.
Chris@KosmicKris I love that this is a proper "mad" computer story. There isn't anywhere near enough of these in modern Doctor Who!#oldfanmoan

WOTAN can think faster than Polly, and type quicker. Yeah, and? I can think of some advantages Polly has over WOTAN. 
Matthew@MattBobRoss I know which one I'd rather have with me at the bar.
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly How much paper does it get through for a few digits? WOTAN is not green! Shut it down!

WOTAN knows what a TARDIS is. Oo-er.

Dodo comes over all faint so Polly decides she needs a nice relaxing night out on the lash. Good girl.

Polly arranges Dodo's leaving do night out at the hottest place in town - the Inferno club!

Polly's friend Kitty is pleased to see her...

...she needs help with a miserable sailor.
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly Hate Ben. Second worst companion to Victoria. Miserable, smug, condescending, moron. He's a nightmare in S4. Constantly putting Polly down and bemoaning everything. He's like a less charming Tegan. He's OK in this one tho, so I'll stop.
Chris@KosmicKris  Michael Craze was an odd choice for Ben (serious actor with horror credentials) Should have been Joe Brown!

He "thinks" he remembers Polly. He must have been literally blind drunk; she's rather memorable.

"C'mon darlin' I know your type" seems very out of place in 60s Who... 

Ben heroically takes part in a bar fight. Er...what?
Chris@KosmicKris Again, no real attempt to try and place this in plot context: it was just stuff that happened!
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly"Look! The Swinging Sixties! London! Music! Clubs! Youth! Fights! It's all happening hip n' groovy on Dr. Who!"
Chris@KosmicKris if I was selecting a show illustrating the 'White heat of technology' culture of the time, it would be this.

The same Doctor that kidnapped Ian & Barbara to keep his secrets now attends a press conference.
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly He's over the secretive, abducting strangers phase. Now he's out there, hanging out with the movers and shakers.

Is it WOTAN or VOTAN? Make your minds up.

Some of the cast have decided we won't know he's evil unless they pronounce it likes he's a filthy foreign type (okay, I know they're pronouncing it like the god of light and probably the contemporary similarly named fluorescent tube lights; wonder if the computer was named after them & from mythology by default).

Sir Charles Summer informs the world's press that the 16th July will be "C Day" when WOTAN will link to every computer system on Earth.

"Doesn't this put a great deal of power into the hands of whoever operates WOTAN?" 

"No one operates WOTAN. WOTAN operates itself."
Oh, I'm sure it'll be fine then. *cough* Skynet *cough* 

The Doctor obviously has his own misgivings.

Summer says he's confident Professor Brett and his team have everything under control, but Brett was supposed to be there an hour ago...

Late for the conference, Brett tells Major Green he's had the feeling all day of someone listening and watching him...

As Major Green leaves...

...WOTAN plays some sinister music to Professor Brett.
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly Yes, Radiohead has the same effect on me.

Having danced the night away with Polly, miserable Ben now has a smile on his face.

Dodo's had a nasty headache ever since being in the tower.

Brett arrives at the press conference. Better late (and hynotised) than never. Maybe.

Brett says he's got something to show Professor Krimpton. Promises, promises.

The Doctor makes Sir Charles' acquaintance...

...and enquires after Professor Krimpton. Turns out he's "one of our top men" in electronics.

Major Green's getting the sinister music treatment now.

Matt Badham@matt_badham Peter Bowles' stunt double! Love him...

His first move after falling under WOTAN's evil influence is to prank call Dodo at the Inferno.

When Green hooks her up to the WOTAN chatline...

...Dodo feels a stabbing pain. IN HER BACK. 

Dodo does the zombie shuffle out of the club.
Steve Powner ‏@StevePowner we all know that dance after one too many!

Chris@KosmicKris "Just follow the signs marked Exit..."

WOTAN has decided the world cannot progress further with mankind running it. Oh well, game over then.
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly He's probably right, but even so. This is the thin end of the wedge, old boy.

Are we supposed to believe Krimpton is a professor? He isn't even wearing a bow tie or anything.

Ben tells Polly that Dodo is a nice bird and not stuck up like her. He's in there.

The Doctor arrives...

"He looks like that DJ!"
"I beg your f***ing pardon, love? You'll be hearing from my Time Lawyers."

The Doctor begins to worry at the news that Dodo's been missing since her mystery phone call.

WOTAN summons his little hypno buddies, including none other than Dodo! When she asks for instructions, a chilling voice replies...

...and tells them "Dr. Who" is required.

"Doctor Who is required!" HE'S CALLED DOCTOR WHO, LIVE WITH IT.

Chris@KosmicKris Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: Canon! He is Doctor Who!!


James Cooray Smith@thejimsmith Doesn't bother me that Wotan calls Dr Who Dr Who. How could it?

Still reckon that WOTAN's just a big Cushing fanboy, you know. He'll be gutted when they bring back Billy Hartnell.

Bek Hobbes ‏@Greebobek It is implied that WOTAN had heard the message "Doctor Who?" from the crack in time.

James Cooray Smith@thejimsmith Nice but no. In The Time of the Doctor it's an unintelligible message beamed through space. When the Doctor translates it, it can only be heard near Trenzalore.

Darth Marenghi@DarthMarenghi Doctor Who is the better cast credit. Capaldi should have made them change it back.


 Note to Chibbers: finish this joke. "Knock Knock...."

"Knock, knock!" "Who's - " "EXTERMINATE! Ha! The interrupting Dalek! Ha ha ha!"

Lisa P & Andrew T@lisacartman Is "Chibbers" the DWAS-approved nickname? Just for our records, y'unnerstan?

It's on his birth certificate and everything, all official like.

 that's what I've got down on my paperwork: Successor to 'The Moff'. See also: JNT and 'The Sherwinator'

Lisa P & Andrew T@lisacartman HINCH!!!

Don't forget Lambo and Lettsy.

James Cooray Smith@thejimsmith Bazza.

Chris@KosmicKris even these titles are brilliantly 'retro modern'

Brett announces that WOTAN will decide on the future of the human race; those that are permitted to live will serve the machines.

"London is the first capital to be taken over, then Washington and Moscow. War Machines must be built immediately."

Green is tasked with organising Labour. Good luck with that shambles, mate.

Krimpton's job is to create the programme to run the War Machines...

...but top priority is to enlist "Doctor Who" on account of having advanced knowledge. "Doctor Who must be enlisted into our services tonight."

As Kitty starts to lock up the Inferno, the Doctor is worried that Dodo hasn't returned.

Ben thinks Polly's being OTT ringing round the hospitals. "Regular little ray of sunshine. ain't ya?"

Dodo saunters in, but is acting suspiciously, not least with her suddenly posh accent. 
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly "Hmm, you seem possessed, my child. Very troubling. Must get a replacement. Hmm. Hmm. Yes, sling your hook, my dear."
Chris@KosmicKris Dodo seems in a right old strop - anyone would think she's two pages away from the chop!
Simon G ‏@SimonGa Dirty little stop out Doctor. Out and about at 3am. Tsk Tsk.

Ben offers to hail a taxi - some of the respect he has for the officer-like 1st Doctor that the Target novels went on about.

Dodo tries to get the Doctor to go down a dark alley instead...

...where some incredibly unsubtle chloroform-wielding WOTAN-minions are lying in wait.

Krimpton better get a shift on with that programme so that poor old WOTAN doesn't have to rely on this lame duck Dodo.

A taxi pulls up, and a tramp steps out, to pull the old trick of needing change of a note. 
Lisa P & Andrew T@lisacartman Comedy tramp that has apparently wandered in from the Pertwee Era! Ooar

Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly The War Doctor's not looking his best.

Polly pays for him...

...then takes the Taxi with Dodo and the Doctor.

Ben's not so helpful and sees him off to go and doss down in the warehouse of death. 

His pathetic attempt to chloroform "Doctor Who" having failed, the minion enters the warehouse...

...and reports to Brett.

WOTAN is immobile & has to build War Machines to get about. Polly's got legs. That's one back for Polly.

WOTAN's a shit designer. Where's Ray Cusick when WOTAN needs him?
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly Only Doctor Who could make a War Machine that was impressive and laughably impractical at the same time.

Whoer Pete@whoer_pete In defence of the look of the War Machines, they are meant to be flatpack things put together in next to no time, not ultra sleek deathbots.
True, nice save!

"Ere, is this some sort of nuthouse?" is no "Oh-ar?" is it?

Lisa P & Andrew T@lisacartman SYDNEY NEWMAN: "May contain NUTS!!!"

Is this the 1st tramp death in Doctor Who? The template for half the Pertwee era right here. You can also draw a straight line form this to the Web of Fear and the Invasion and through them to season 7 at least.

The next morning the Doctor reads the news, oh boy. The tramp's 3am death has already made the morning edition.

Sir Charles dismisses it as an accident; he's far more worried about a sudden bout of resignations in his faculty.

"Yes, I wonder, Sir Charles, do you suppose, er? No, I don't suppose you would." *BILLYFLUFF KLAXON*

Polly shows up to stand in for Sir Charles' secretary. She's been sent by Major Green, much to Sir Charles' bemusement. He's not going to argue, though.

When Dodo arrives, she's bizarrely snotty to Polly. "Isn't it time you started work?"

On hearing that Sir Charles is having trouble finding any computer experts available, she's overly keen to suggest hauling the Doctor off to see Brett.

The Doctor decides to phone ahead, which suits her just as well.

In the PO tower, Brett and Krimpton connect the Doctor to the WOTAN hypno-line.

The call gives the Doctor a terrible headache. Bloody PPI timewasters.
Steve Powner ‏@StevePowner Dr Who is required sorry not today my heads killing me...

Dodo reveals that she's under the influence. "It's all right, Doctor. You are now one of us. My function was to bring you in contact. Now I shall serve as an assistant."

As he regains his composure thanks to a stiff drink...

...the Doctor tells Polly and Sir Charles that not only is there a threat from Brett but that Dodo's a no-go.

The Doctor dehypnotises Dodo with his ring.

Then Sir Charles packs her off to the country to convalesce. Well, that's that - bye Dodo!
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly It matches her crap arrival. Poor Dodo. Forgot to mention the late great William Mervyn! This counts as a crossover special with 'Mr. Rose'.
Lisa P & Andrew T@lisacartman Special mention for William Mervyn here. Brilliant in the Inspector/Mr Rose serials, 'All Gas And Gaiters', 'Crown Court'... And [Set Designer] Michael Pickwoad's Dad, not forgetting! :-)
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly Still wish Sir Charles had been the Brig's boss for the UNIT years.
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly This is a proper last hurrah for Hartnell. I know he's great in Smugglers but until it's found, this feel like his finale.

After ep11 of TDMP, then dry runs in The Celestial Toymaker & The Savages, Hartnell's days are numbered. With Purves gone, Jackie Lane dumped, the young and swinging Ben & Polly introduced, this is no longer the show Hartnell signed on for. But it's not quite the show it will become under Troughton. Really odd period.

Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly It's also the start of finding a simple formula to plot the show. The more interesting, big concepts dropped for action.

Major Green tests out the first of the War Machines by polishing off one of his own minions. Cold.
Simon G ‏@SimonGa "Test satisfactory?" It bloody missed!.

Uh-oh, Polly's for the hypno-treatment now!

She's missed lunch with Ben as a result!

The Doctor still thinks there's a connection to the warehouse so asks Ben to take a shufti, as he won't arouse so much suspicion as the police might.
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly Has Ben been unwell recently or did he nick that coat off a much larger bloke?

Standard issue, I guess? Blame the quartermaster?
Paul Cooke@paulpcooke I had a mate who joined up - they had to have uniform tailored he was so short.Had to wear standard for a while. 

Ben makes it inside the warehouse...

...where Major Green is continuing the tests.

The War Machines themselves are very silly. They are just far too large. You'd know about it if they clubbed you, but so slow and lumbering.
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly On Planet of the Stacked Cardboard Boxes, though, they would reign supreme.
Paul Cooke@paulpcooke They need to look imposing, tho. I think they went for drama over anything. And smaller, they look too Dalek-light.

The Machine thunders towards Ben! Oo-er!



As Green orders the War Machine to eliminate the intruder...

...Ben makes it as far as the warehouse reception, where he's relieved to meet Polly.
But Polly's been hypnotised too, and is no help to Ben.

It takes him a while to twig that she's only interested in how much he's seen.

Green is hot on Ben's heels...

...and Polly locks him in...

...allowing him to be captured.

Ben calls for Polly to go to the Doctor, but his pleas fall on hynotized ears.

The Doctor begins to fret but Sir Charles is as unperturbed as ever: "You know what young people are. He's probably been distracted by something." 

Ben is declared an enemy of the mechanised revolution...

...while Polly delivers new orders from Brett.

Ben thinks Polly has just been playing along, but her cause really is "The victory of the War Machines"! 

How much better would this story have been, though, if Polly really had been putting on an act, independently infiltrating Green's operation?

Brett and Krimpton work to programme the War Machines to attack at noon the next day. 

Their object is to take over strategic centres and assume control of all human authority...

Green has set Ben and Polly to work shifting boxes, and Ben is concerned that his hypnotised friend is working past the point of exhaustion.

As Polly continues shifting munitions for the War Machines...

...Ben spots his chance to escape the warehouse, and is forced to abandon her to WOTAN's malign influence.

The Doctor's just on the verge of going to look for Ben when the young sailor returns.

"There's a machine - a killer machine! If we don't stop it, it'll kill half London!"

Green questions Polly as to why she did nothing to prevent Ben's escape.

Sensing that her conditioning is breaking down he orders that she be sent back to WOTAN for punishment.

The Doctor vouches for Ben's reliability even though Sir Charles is reluctant to take action with just his word to go on.
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly Unfortunately, cos of Ben's class, all Sir Charles can hear is "apple n' pears, luverly violets, me ol' china, cor blimey!"

"I'm telling you now, I nearly got done!"

The Doctor mollifies Ben by telling him that the minds of officials can only cope with so much.

With Sir Charles finally giving the nod, the Doctor arranges to hook up with the military at Covent Garden.

Easier now to see echoes in the Web of Fear.

The story gets increasingly bizarre as the Doctor calls in the Army, Quatermass-style. 

In hindsight, post-UNIT and post Web of Fear/Invasion, we accept it, but so out of place after all previous to this.
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly Has the Doctor been living a double life? Nipping back here behind our backs to lead the British Rocket Group?

British CANON Group. "The name's Who - Doctor Who! I come running whenever I'm required, alright?"

Detecting the infiltration, Green gives orders for all intruders to be destroyed.

The War Machines have gone fire-extinguisher crazy in the warehouse, as the army try to overpower WOTAN's minions.

The War Machines are really giving those crates a pasting. Look out crates! Ooh, they're gonna give you such a fire-extinguishing like you won't believe. 
Paul Cooke@paulpcooke Worked for the Movie Daleks.
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly British army has no luck fighting robots in Covent Garden, do they?
James Cooray Smith@thejimsmith The Web of Fear is such a knock off of The War Machines it literally takes place in the same postcode. Look how close Bedford Sq, Goodge St & Wotan are. 

The war Machine ploughs out of the Warehouse and continues its rampage.

Why is this film sequence absolutely crystal clear when others have been much grainier? Censor clip? Mistakenly vid-fired?

Pat Gorman! I'm choosing to believe this soldier later goes to UNIT, handpicked for expertise from this incident.

Even the big guns can't keep the War Machine back.

Sir Charles and the soldiers dive for cover, but the Doctor not only stands his ground but walks towards it.

Great cliffhanger with Hartnell staring down the War Machine.
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly Brilliant moment. Something I don't think any of the others could get away with.


Ben and the others urge the Doctor to get back...

...but he stays put as the Machine simply veers past him, then just stops, as if its' run out of power. Pretty lucky.

Using real newsreaders in Doctor Who? It'll never catch on.
Simon G ‏@SimonGa The legend Kenneth Kendall reading the news bulletin. Was awesome as the presenter on Treasure Hunt.

Matt Badham@matt_badham I always thought a pub would be a good shape for the Tardis to be fixed in.
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly Hartnell's era covers even New Who. It's all in there.

Matt Badham@matt_badham Plus... 'Normal people'... In Who... Very Cartmel/RTD.

The Doctor tells Ben that the Machine's programming wasn't complete and it was put into action before it was quite ready.

And now a bumbling Minister turning up to act an arse. Pure Pertwee, I tells ya.

By the way, special mention for the return of the Doctor's Astrakhan hat. Welcome back, hat.

Simon G ‏@SimonGa I wear an Astrakhan hat. Astrakhan hats are cool. Hmm maybe not quite something Hartnell would say :)

Ruther@Ruther2 Hartnell's hat looks rather like a fez in that pic.

Chris@KosmicKris I think they should have sued Brezhnev as well!

I just wish they hadn't given the War Machines those silly "eye" lights. They'd look a lot more fearsome without.

The Doctor is too busy fiddling with his captured War Machine to worry about Polly.
Ruther@Ruther2  brainy specs!
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly "Dodo died in her sleep, Doctor." "Hmm, yes, yes, very good, now please stop bothering me!"

The Doctor breaks it to the Minister that in an area of 20 to 30 miles, WOTAN has another 11 War Machines counting down to attack at noon that day.

Brett carries out remote tests on another War Machine, but it loses the plot and blasts the mechanic.

Brett and Krimpton start to panic.

Back at the Warehouse, the soldiers have rounded up WOTAN's minions, who all seem to be waking from their hypnotic state.

This includes Major Green...

...who can't remember anything useful.

The Doctor criticizes Sir Charles "strong arm tactics"...

...but the Minister is more open to the Doctor's suggestions.

The malfunctioning War Machine seems to be on some sort of drunken rampage, and is reported to the police for vandalising a telephone box.

The radio warns people to remain in their homes and to keep off the streets.

Ben is still worried about Polly. "This bird saved my life, see!"

The malfunctioning War Machine continues to terrorize Londoners. This is supposed to be a Monday morning, but I guess everyone's heeded the radio's warning.

The Doctor tells Sir Charles they can capture the War Machine in an electromagnetic field.

The police order any remaining bystanders back.

The Doctor and Sir Charles get down on the scene like a War Machine... the army lads lash up the electromagnetic trap.

Sir Charles still doesn't get it so the Doctor gives has to explain his plan using the bits and bobs lying around.

Ben and the army lie in wait, ready to spring the trap once the War Machine is in position.

Once it's between the cables, Ben completes the circuit.

Bizarre shot. Looks like Hartnell's in a boxing ring with the War Machine. 
James Cooray Smith@thejimsmith In the black corner, Billy "The Doctor" Hartnell! & in the white, Will Operating Thought Analogue! Ding ding!
Simon G@SHGB001 I'll take Hartnell to win by knockout in Round One.

Don't fancy the War Machine's chances, bet Hartnell fights dirty. Looks like a biter.
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly Whatever the Doc's fiddling with there, it doesn't look legal.

Matt Badham@matt_badham Hartnell is amazing in this. The actor and character dynamic and in control. The cape works well: plays to his 'hand acting'.
Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly We've strayed into what looks like a Monty Python sketch here.

The Doctor has the War Machine relocated back to Covent Garden so that he can reprogramme it.

The Doctor plans a showdown - his reprogrammed War Machine will face WOTAN in a duel before noon! "Well, it all started in that tower..."
JUNKYARD: "What about me...?"

Ben things this will give him enough time to rescue his Princess Duchess from the tower.

The turncoat War Machine careers into battle.

At the tower, Krimpton and Brett 's countdown has reached 11 minutes...

The Doctor assures Sir Charles and the Minister that once his War Machine has seen off WOTAN, all the hypno buddies will return to their normal selves. Love Doctor Who's flirtation with back projected car journeys here.

Ben arrives at the tower ahead of them, and is prepared to drag Polly away by force if necessary.

He pulls her aside just as the War Machine lurches in...

...and despite Krimpton's last-ditch attempt...

...WOTAN is destroyed in the nick of time!

No idea how that War Machine got up the tower. None. But it's knackered WOTAN and saved the day, anyway.

Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly Of course! Walk into that completely unguarded office and blow up the computer! Why didn't I think of that?!

Coming to his senses, Brett is confuzzled to say the least.

Sir Charles tells him the Doctor will explain everything, but as usual when it's time to clear up the mess, he's nowhere to be found.

The Doctor is ready to leave, but there's no sign of Dodo (remember her? Well, forget her.)

Ben and Polly turn up to write Dodo out off-screen.

"She says she's feeling much better and she'd like to stay here in London, and she sends you her love."

I reckon Polly's just lying, to be honest.

Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly Dodo's just around the corner, happily returning to the only home she's ever wanted. The TARDIS. Oh happy day...

Simon G@SHGB001 Sorry Doctor but the producer hates her so much he won't let her back for a farewell scene.

Ben's still got the Doctor's spare key, though, so when they watch him go inside the TARDIS they follow...

...then the TARDIS leaves, observed by some very odd looking bystanders who don't seem to know they're being filmed!
Ruther@Ruther2 Chameleon imposters, I'd say.

Simon Threadgold@dimwittedly Was that originally s'posed to be Ian and Barbara, or was it a fan myth?

Paul Cooke@paulpcooke Really? Never heard that before. That really would have been something

 I think it was actually The Massacre that would have had the cameo.

Steve Powner ‏@StevePowner Still love The War Machines one of my favourite William Hartnell stories paving the way for the UNIT years to come.

Bob McCow ‏@BobMcCow Ben and Polly did well to get rid of Dodo, but where did they hide the body?

Simon G@SHGB001
 Dodo, Liz Shaw, Technically Peri is there anyone else that didn't get a farewell/death scene
John@Laking86 Ace

"Hello? Am I too late? I heard I was required? WOTAN? Where is everyone?"

Coming Soon... The Smugglers

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