Saturday 9 May 2015

A12 "Deliverance" (Blake's 7)

Magic, that theme tune. 

"By Terry Nation". 

That looks suspiciously like the kind of craft the winter soldiers were in in Time Squad

Looks like the ship's being spied on by Servalan. 

Tony Caunter; always a pleasure. 

Ensor & Maryatt are from an independent world outside the Federation. 

As they pass close to the planet Cephlon, the ship gets into trouble. 

Just when they think they're safe, there's an explosion... 

The Liberator crew are also monitoring the ship and have detected the suspicious explosion. 

Zen reckons 6 minutes till they crash into the planet, but detects an escape pod. 

Servalan's pleased with herself, believing them dead. 

Cephlon is a snowy planet, seemingly populated by cave men. Zen says the radiation's high. 

Zen suggests any life on the high radiation planet may have mutated. Sure it's not Skaro? 

The crew put on their fur-hooded track suits to go down to the planet. 

Except Avon, who's rocking a tin-foil jacket instead. 

They split up; always a good idea, that. 

The escape pod looks suspiciously like the ones the Kraals have in The Android Invasion. Funny that. 

Gan and Jenna find a hatch, then the dead Maryatt in a capsule. 

Avon and Vila find the injured, but still alive, Ensor. 

Here come the Mutos... 

Cally's got her space walkman on again; Blake looks at his wits' end. 

They teleport Avon, Vila and Ensor back up, and take the stricken man to the medical unit. 

Jenna's been left behind on the planet on her own, at the mercy of the mutos. 

Avon volunteers to go back down. Is he feeling alright? 

They split up again, having learnt nothing. 

Blake's impressed with Maryatt's Double A security clearance that allows him to go anywhere in the galaxy. 

Ensor's taking energy cells to his dad, who he says will die without them. Blake promises to help get them to Aristo. 

Before he slips out of consciousness he tells them the Federation will pay 100 million credits for Orac. Bargain. 

Back on Cephlon, the others regroup, having found nothing. 

Ensor takes Cally hostage to try to force Blake to leave without the others. 

Blake is forced to concede; Zen confirms the course. Cally points out that Ensor's painkillers will wear off. 

Space Commander Travis arrives for his appointment with Servalan, determined to get his command back. 

Travis thinks it's his right to be the one that catches Blake. 

Servalan's more interested in Orac. Travis has never heard of it. 

Maryatt was with Ensor to treat his ailing father, but this was all part of a calculated risk by Servalan... 

Her plan is to simply wait for Ensor's father to croak then scoop up Orac for free. 

Maryatt was the surgeon who saved Travis' life. 

Back on Cephlon, Avon, Gan & Villa are under attack from a horde of at least two cavemen. 

They find their way to the hatch as more cavemen approach, and are allowed in by a robed woman named Meegat.

Jenna, fed up of waiting for the others to get their act together... 

...frees herself, but soon runs into more trouble. 

Meegat calls the cavemen "scavengers", and welcomes Avon as "lord". 

It's the shiny jacket, I reckon. 

Back aboard the Liberator, Cally and Blake have to bide their time as Ensor hangs on. 

Meegat lives in an underground bunker with dead computer banks, covered in cobwebs and lit only by candles.  

Gan spots a rocket on a launchpad. It's only a model. 

Meegat's legends seem to name Avon specifically... 

Deliverance will come via the preserved race banks being launched into the stars.. 

Seems the legends only refer to a nameless lord, and it's just Meegat that's decided it must be Avon. 

Avon turns the computers back on and Vila finds Launch FM on the radio. 

Avon hasn't forgotten they still need to find Jenna. 

Aboard the Liberator, Ensor continues to threaten Cally. If he collapses, his gun will be triggered. 

Avon and the others leave Meegat to mind the shop... 

"I'll stay up here if you like"; Vila's ever the hero. 

Avon plans to raid the scavenger camp; that shiny jacket is half decent camouflage, actually. 

Avon gives the locals some stick, but Vila is spotted, and the alarm raised. 

They leg it but the mutos chase them back to the hatch. Gan's not having that - it's clobbering time! 

They make it to the safety of the bunker, reunited with Jenna. 

As Ensor croaks, Cally rolls to safety. 

Blake is happy enough to deliver the energy cells to Aristo, but will go back for the others first. 

Avon prepares to launch "his" rocket, Jenna radios Blake.  

Vorus' Sky striker streaks away to its' destiny... 

Reunited, Blake's 7 set a course for Aristo, and Orac... 

Coming Soon... Orac

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