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The Faceless Ones

This story is technically a historical as it takes place 9 months before the date of broadcast! 

The TARDIS materializes on an airport runway!

50dw50@50dw50 Frazer is having to speak very quickly! you can tell it is a bit more action packed than normal

The TARDIS crew leg it from the filth.
Isaac Dakin@IWhittakerDakin why did they run out of the Tardis? I'm sure being inside it whilst a jet is coming towards you would be safer!

In the control tower, the airport commandant bosses Sherlock Holmes' mum about.
50dw50@50dw50 you would think that london being attack by war machines would have disrupted the flights really.

Ben gives the copper the slip...

...while the Doctor and Jamie watch airport security half-inch the TARDIS.

Polly hides in a nearby hangar...

...and is soon witness to a murder!
50dw50@50dw50 the space gun sounds like my old fridge!
The killer enters a secret room and communicates with his superior, Captain Blade.

Polly legs it...

...and is saved by an opportune pass-by of the motorcycle police escorting the TARDIS away...

Sherlock's mum blames students for the police box on the runway.

Polly makes it back to the Doctor & Jamie and tells them what she saw.

The victim - a policeman - had to die because he found postcards(!)

The Doctor goes to the hangar, and on examining the body deduces the murder weapon was alien!

Jamie & the Doctor fail to notice Polly being snatched!

The killers interrogate Polly.

The Doctor and Jamie decide to go for help & soon find themselves halted by a jobsworth gatekeeper.

"What's a passport, Doctor?"
"Some sort of official mumbo jumbo!"

Jamie nearly lets slip about the TARDIS, so the Doctor changes the subject to the dead body they found.

Ben bumps into Captain Blade and Jean Sherlock.

Polly is to be "processed"...

Whose is that scaly hand?

The Doctor's Spanish postage stamp and burnt fibres fail to convince the Commandant.

Blade is very co-operative and lets them open his crate.

With the Doctor hauled away, Spencer brings out a scaly creature...

Much to their surprise they see Polly at the desk... 

...but she claims to be someone else!
50dw50@50dw50 Dodo got taken over in her last story then vanished half way through the story, history repeating?

In the infirmary we see the creature escorted there by Blade & Spencer...
Matthew Kilburn@Matthew_Kilburn I'm from a generation led to believe the Chameleons were smooth and featureless - seeing the mask was a shock!

Spencer & Blade manoeuvre the creature next to an unconscious man, Meadows...

Polly claims her name is "Michelle Leuppi", from Zurich, and shows them a work permit.
50dw50@50dw50 Spencer and Blade sounds like a dodgy estate agentsBlade was later replaced by Marks...

Realizing they're getting nowhere, the Doctor & Jamie leg it, then hide behind a newspaper. As you do.

This is the moment that, with Ben & Polly gone, the Pat & Frazer comedy routines begin.

Back at the infirmary, Blade & Spencer are joined by co-conspirator Nurse Pinto. 

She commences a procedure that sees the alien transform to look just like Meadows...
50dw50@50dw50 if they have to do this with everyone then it is going to be a very slow invasion.

The Doctor begins to have his suspicions about "Chameleon Tours", then Ben reappears.

"Meadows" tests out his new vocal abilities.

The Doctor thinks the woman at the desk is Polly under some form of control...

"Polly" gives herself away by mentioning the murder, so Blade recalls her.

Hiding in the airport photo booth, the lads mug for the camera, then the Doctor dispatches Ben to investigate the hangar.

"Polly" is approached by Samantha Briggs, who's come down from Liverpool to enquire after her missing brother, Brian Briggs. Presumably related to twin brothers Nick and Rick Briggs. 
Crazy hat.

"Polly" grows anxious at the difficult questions Sam is asking...

Sam hooks up with Jamie when he overhears that she's investigating her missing brother. 
aston Lewis@astonlewis666 what a great team they made. Shame Sam didn't stay.

The Doctor continues to rub the Commandant up the wrong way...

Sherlock's mum is interested, but the Doctor has to leg it when the Commandant gets ratty.

Ben finds the real Polly - frozen in a crate!

Just when it seems they may have the proof they need, Ben, too, is frozen!
50dw50@50dw50 and that is more or less it for Ben and Polly, pity, i always liked them as companions

Detective Inspector Crossland arrives, investigating the disappearances...

More young travellers sign up for Chameleon Tours. Byeeeee!

Jamie wishes he had the Doctor's brain. Must be hungry. Sam rumbles the postcard scam, and Crossland steps in.

In the hangar, the Doctor hears a cry for help.

Definitely not a trap... probably. 

Locked in the hangar, the Doctor is suddenly attacked with icy vapour pouring in...

How will he get out of this one? 

The Doctor blocks the nozzle, and covers the security camera with his coat, but collapses, so Spencer goes to investigate...

But the Doctor was just faking and stuns Spencer with the freeze pen to make his escape!

The Doctor isn't as optimistic as Crossland, but Jamie is pleased to have someone on their side.

Sam ribs Jamie about always doing what the Doctor says. "They can only murder me, ta ra!"

Crossland and the Doctor continue ruffling feathers in air traffic control.

The Doctor demonstrates the conspiracy by forcing "Meadows" to expose himself. 

As it were.

Sam was right about the postcards, the Chameleons write them before the planes even leave.
50dw50@50dw50 there cannot be many Sci Fi adventures where the plot revolves around postcards, only in Who!

Crossland persuades the Commandant to give the Doctor the freedom of the airport for 12 hours. 
50dw50@50dw50 a nice moment when Sam's brothers fate softens the Commandant a little.

The Doctor is curious about the range of air traffic control's radar.

At Spencer's behest...

...a Chameleon places Blade's device on the Doctor. 

"You must have a double!"

Crossland gets too close when he goes aboard Blade's plane...

...and is captured.

"You Earthmen are more useful to us alive..."

The Doctor & Jamie are getting warmer...

...but Spencer activates the killer button!

Jamie stamps on it.

Crossland watches in disbelief... Blade disappears the plane's passengers!

Jamie & Sam try to get the drop on Spencer but are soon overcome...

...and frozen!

Nurse Pinto steals more identities...
50dw50@50dw50 she is making Leela's husband!

...while the Doctor and his chums escape from their slow moving laser jeopardy!
50dw50@50dw50 JUST SHOOT THEM!!! padding! i assume this was after Goldfinger.

Yep, 3 years after.

The Doctor recalls seeing the medical unit on the Chameleons' monitors so decides to investigate.
50dw50@50dw50 Ben and Polly get a mention at least! gone but not forgotten.

Jenkins lives with his parents in Wimbledon. In my head canon he's half Womble on his mother's side.

The Doctor takes on the evil nurse...

Sherlock's mum is on the phone when the Doctor & Jamie return.

Jean breaks the news that Crossland disappeared investigating Chameleon Tours.

Jean's on fire, getting to the bottom of things faster than anyone else.

Sam buys a ticket to go on the Chameleon flight to Rome. Jamie nicks it, the swine.

Jean fakes a faint to keep "Nurse Pinto" away while the Doctor investigates.

The Doctor finds the *real* Nurse Pinto! Or rather doesn't - he fails to notice what his knob-twiddling revealed!

When Sam chases up her stolen ticket, the Chameleons capture her.

The Commandant's arranged for some fighter jets to shadow the departing Chameleon flight.

As they monitor the plane, the Chameleon flight climbs higher and higher...

Blade causes the pursuing fighter to crash with a blinding flash.

The Doctor realizes the truth: the plane is travelling straight up - into space! 

The "plane" docks with a space station in orbit above Earth.

"The intelligence of Earth people is comparable only to that of animals on our planet."
John Mark Frankland@JMFrankland This a bit much coming from a race who lost their identities in a gigantic explosion. They deserve to lose... They are a bunch of dicks. Especially Blade. The Doctor does well in not leaving them to die...

Crafty old Jamie managed to hide himself... sneaks out to explore the Chameleon base.

Jamie finds that the passengers have been miniaturised...

...but is captured by the stewardess.

The Doctor sets about proving that the Commandant's staff are being replaced one by one.

With a little help from Jean, "Meadows" is captured for interrogation.

There was a catastrophe on the planet of the Faceless Ones, & they need human identities.

Spencer orders Pinto to copy Sam...

...but the Doctor and the police arrive in the nick of time.

Sam is relieved to see the Doctor!

When they find Pinto's original, she kills a copper to make her escape...

...but fiddling with the armband control causes the Chameleon to dissolve!

Jamie doesn't notice at first that "Crossland" has lost his accent...

With Nurse Pinto's help, the Doctor finds the medical records that identify which airport staff are the Faceless Ones.

The Doctor recruits Nurse Pinto to play the part of her double so as to smuggle him to the Faceless Ones' satellite.

Next he bluffs Blade that he too is a double.

On the space station, the Director's given Jamie's identity - but not accent - to one of the Faceless Ones.

The Doctor and Pinto make their way through the station, but are soon surrounded by the Faceless Ones!

They're taken to Blade, who tells them that their Director will want to speak to him.

Back at the airport it's a race against time to find the chameleon's abducted originals.

The Doctor tells the Director that he much prefers a Scottish accent.

The Doctor tries to bluff the Faceless Ones that they've found the originals on Earth, leaving them vulnerable.
50dw50@50dw50 "hidden where they will never be found" IN A CAR PARK!!! ridiculous!

If it's good enough for Richard III...

50dw50@50dw50 the aliens are basically idiots!
Mark@OdysseusMW thankfully they usually are. It's a wonder how they develop the tech to get to Earth in the first place!

Jean & Sam battle "Meadows" in the carpark. Great characters.
It's not a bluff any more - with the originals found, the Faceless Ones are at the Doctor's mercy.

The Commandant's got his dander up now, and threatens Blade with dissolution! 
Out of total self-preservation, Blade turns on his Director.
Blade & Spencer accept the Doctor's terms and gun down the escaping Director & "Jamie".
Blade tells the Doctor where to find his friends. In the cupboard!
50dw50@50dw50 makes a nice change for the Doctor not to blow up the villains!

The Faceless Ones have agreed to seek another way out of their dilemma, so all's well that ends well.
Step 1: Sack the nutty scientists that concocted this scheme!

With everyone safely back on Earth, Jamie & Sam say their goodbyes.

The Doctor & Jamie are reunited with Ben & Polly! Remember them?

Ben realizes that this is the exact date that he & Polly 1st came aboard the TARDIS! He and Polly decide to pick up their lives where they left off, and say farewell to the Doctor.
50dw50@50dw50 at least they get this scene i guess, it is still a blunt farewell to such important companions.

Jamie & the Doctor will have a job leaving Earth behind, though - someone's nicked the TARDIS! 

That's all for The Faceless Ones, though, so we won't find out what's hapened to the TARDIS until the next story!! 

Coming Soon... The Evil of the Daleks

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