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The Empty Child

50dw50 ‏@50dw50 i remember being annoyed by the sunshine through the window when this was on, it should have been dark and misty.

Straight into the action here with the TARDIS hot on the heels of a mysterious pod. 

Mauve alert!

Nail Gun Princess ‏@SofaSeduction I'm surprised that Moff doesn't bring up the Mauve thing more.

Darth Marenghi ‏@DarthMarenghi Convinced that a certain Series 7 Clara episode was meant to have a Mauve Alert callback but they backed out. Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS. Clara looks at a red light trying to decide if red still means danger opens the door to a fireball. Would make far more sense if the warning light was Mauve.

"And that's safe, is it?" 
"Totally. "

"Okay, reasonably. Should have said reasonably there."

The pod is jumping through time - and it's headed for the centre of Cardiff, sorry, London.

The Doctor & Rose have arrived a month after the pod, and are out of milk!

It seems they're being watched from above, by someone with an oddly distorted view...

Rose complains about the Doctor's lack of professionalism when it comes to scanning for alien tech...

...but he's dismissive. "It hit the middle of London with a very loud bang. I'm going to ask!"

The Doctor finds his way to an underground club for an all-nighter...

...and doesn't pass up the opportunity to criticize her fashion sense as being a bit on the... er, nose.

Rose is distracted when she hears a gas-masked child atop a roof, calling for his mummy...

His name might not be down but the Doctor's coming in...

He finds himself in the club, listening to a rendition of "It Had To Be You." Is he expected...?

Song over, he takes to the stage...

"Knock, knock..."

Everyone thinks The Doctor's a comedian when he asks if anything's fallen from the sky recently.

Climbing up to the child, Rose grabs a conveniently dangling rope.
Mark Walker ‏@Mark_Walker  why isn't she even suspicious it suddenly appears? Or look up at what it's attached to before climbing it?!

The Doctor finally puts 2 and 2 together when the air raid siren wails and he sees a poster...

Rose is left dangling in the middle of an air raid when the rope - which is trailing from a barrage balloon - moves away from the wall.

The Doctor has run back to the TARDIS and no-one stopped him leaving the club when they went down to the shelters. Moving on...

"You know, one day, just one day, maybe, I'm going to meet someone who gets the whole don't wander off thing."

I like the Doctor's new companion.

And then his phone rings... and it shouldn't...

A girl appears and warns him not to answer.

But he does... and there's a voice on the end of the phone... "Are you my mummy?"
Jason McLaughlin ‏@jangomac72 And thus the first quotable catchphrase of the new series was born!!

The Doctor follows the mysterious girl as she takes advantage of the air raid.

Nancy gets to work while the house's owners are in their shelter.

As Rose continues to hang on...

....a creepy stranger is using some very techy binoculars to gawp at her backside.

"I say, old man, there's a time and a place!"
"You've got an excellent bottom too!"

Having stocked up on supplies, Nancy beckons and a ragtag band of runaways pile in to scavenge the meal on the table.

As Rose falls, the local peeping Tom saves her with a tractor beam. In return she interferes with his instrument.

Rose is teleported aboard Peeping Tom's spaceship...

As the rest of Nancy's rag tag gang of kids assembles for some air-raid fast food, they're being watched... 

But they've got an uninvited guest in the form of the Doctor.

"Of course I'm not a copper. What's a copper going to do with you lot anyway? Arrest you for starving?"

He wonders why they haven't been evacuated; some were but ran away. A rather dark line there about why the boy ran away. "There was a man..."
50dw50 ‏@50dw50 sinister without making an "issue" of it, good writing.

Nancy's little setup meets with his approval."It's brilliant. I'm not sure if it's Marxism in action or a West End musical."

Nancy looks shifty when the Doctor describes the thing he's looking for. 

"And I want to find a blonde in a Union Jack. I mean a specific one. I didn't just wake up this morning with a craving."

Then the Empty Child comes a knocking...

Nancy says the child is empty and that you can't let him touch you or you become empty like him...

He can control anything electrical or mechanical...

"No mummies here. Nobody here but us chickens. Well, this chicken."

When the Chicken Doctor opens the door, though, the Child has disappeared...

Peeping Tom reveals his name is really "Captain" Jack Harkness, and he tries some psychic paper on Rose.

Jack heals her rope burns with nanogenes...

...and takes her atop his invisible craft, which he's tethered to the clock tower of Big Ben.

The Doctor tells Nancy he was able to find her with his nose, as it has special powers. "Do your ears have special powers too?"

There's someone he needs to speak to - the Doctor!

Jack wants to get down to business.

Jack lights up the clock face, making it a massive target for the attacking Nazi planes. 

Jack thinks Rose and the Doctor are time agents and seeks to flog them the mystery pod they were chasing - there's even a deadline: a german bomb is due to fall on it and obliterate it.

Jack whips out his Glen Miller and thinks of himself as a smooth criminal when he gives Rose a dance. 

As the Doctor & Nancy approach the "bomb" site, he takes out the tech he told Rose they didn't need...

Nancy tells the Doctor that it was her little brother that she lost...
50dw50 ‏@50dw50 i am sure that will have absolutely no influence on the plot, nope, none

The Doctor gets his Winston Churchill on. "
One, tiny, damp little island says no... A mouse in front of a lion..."

The Doctor visits Albion Hospital, where he will have been before, later on.
Jason McLaughlin ‏@jangomac72 And which now appears to be in a completely different part of London from where it was earlier in the series!

It's Richard Wilson! I don't believe it!
50dw50 ‏@50dw50 it's that bloke from an episode of Father Ted, yay!
Mark Walker ‏@Mark_Walker he's great in this.
Yes, and in quite a small part, really. Gets some nice lines towards the end of The Doctor Dances, though. 

Constantine reveals a chilling secret; the patients in the hospital all have exactly the same injuries...

...and they're not dead.

Jason McLaughlin ‏@jangomac72 That scene where he strikes his cane and all the patients sit up is proper behind the sofa

The Doctor doesn't quite pick up on the fact that Constantine is obviously not immune himself...

"Before this war I was a father and a grandfather, now I'm neither." The story of many.

Slowly but surely...

...Doctor Constantine succumbs...

...and the flesh and bone of his face becomes a gasmask...

Jason McLaughlin ‏@jangomac72 And without bone crunching sound effect when broadcast but added back on the DVD release!! 

Rose & Jack arrive & Rose seems to have renamed the Doctor "Mister Spock".

Moffatobe whips out his favourite "Doctor Who" gag...

...with a punchline he's not yet bettered: "Nine centuries in I'm coping."

Back at the house, Nancy's returned to the scene of the crime...

...but so has the empty child.

There's no sofa to get behind so under the table will have to do.

Peeping Jack has to admit that the pod is part of a scam of his, and it's really a hospital ship.

"Human DNA is being rewritten... by an idiot."

The Empty Child has found Nancy...

...and as he grows increasingly insistent...

...the hospital patients sit bolt upright...

The gasmask zombies surround the Doctor and chums, and there's no way out!

"Are you my mummy?"


Coming Soon... The Doctor Dances

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